Fitness für Kinder – Tacfit for kids

Tacfit for kids!

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My 11 year old son is fencing. For his age he is quiet successfull, last competition season he won a lot of tournaments. His personal fencing trainer told him that he needs more fitness to be able to really be within the best three of the ranking list. Beside endurance he said he is lacking of core stability.
So my son Samuel just did what I was waiting for since one year: He asked me to train him! 🙂
After teaching more than 100kids and teenagers per week in Aikido over the last 13 years, and after reaching the goal to get the Tacfit Field Instructor certification in 2015, I am more than curious about trying Tacfit for kids. Children are special, there are a lot of things to change in teaching, explaining, coaching. Working with kids you have to be really creative and patient. With kids you never stop experimenting!

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